Food and Dinning

The combination of our "East meets West" style of food and our best wine collection, served in the center bar of the restaurant, if preferred, will give you an unforgettable experience. It will really be a thrill to experience one of the best dining ambience in town.

Always made available to our guests are the imported meat from the best meat producers - The US and Australia, fresh seafood in the form of imported oysters and lobsters - sweet water lobsters or "Udang Galah" as we Indonesians call them and many more. Also available is a great selection of imported fish such as salmon and cod "Gindara".

From these varieties, our guests will have great opportunities to taste and enjoy a wide range of special dishes inspired by our theme of the East meets West. We serve different selections of food all in original taste. We will present to our patrons prestigious classic culinary delights from countries such as France and USA where the famous Cajun and Creole cooking comes from and Texas-Mexican style of food. We will also serve exquisite choices of food selection from the northern territory of Europe, the countries of the Mediterranean (Italy and Turkey), from the Balkan and lots more.

From our seafood selection plus some famous chefs’ creations, we will bring to guests such wonderful cuisines as the "Lobster Thermidor", Grilled Baby Chicken with wild mushroom and red wine sauce, and the Gindara Jambalaya. To complete the dining experience of our clients in The Traders Cafe, Restaurant & Bar, we have a parade of mouthwatering desserts like the "Cassata Capo' de Capi", adapted from the Italian ice cream "TriColore", or our Saratoga Pancake which comes with wild berries and homemade Scotch butter. These are just some of the many favorite choices of a long list of desserts we have available for our guests to savour. So come to The Traders Cafe, Bar and Restaurant, you will never be disappointed, that is our guarantee.


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